Intern Starter Kit

Welcome to Fireside!

Our Fireside CRM (Constituent Relationship Management) software will be the tool that you will use every day to:

  • Keep track of constituents

  • Log incoming calls and emails

  • Organize agency casework

  • Manage legislative mail

  • Manage your website

  • Send newsletters

All new interns should follow the steps of this setup guide and then take advantage of recorded, on-demand training videos.

On your first day, you will need an Account Owner in your office to create a Fireside account for you, and once that is done, use the account activation email sent to your Outlook account to log into Fireside. This will allow you to set your password and then sign in with your credentials. To sign into your account, we recommend using an Internet browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge. Fireside’s software can be accessed anywhere as long as you’re behind the House firewall. There is nothing to download; as long as you can connect to the Internet and are on the House network, Fireside is always at your fingertips.

Should you forget to bookmark the login page, you can always find your office’s database using this URL format:; just sub in the Member’s name into the URL above. Once you’re set up to begin navigating through Fireside, check out our Quick Start Guide in our Help Center to reference the beginner’s basics as you begin to use Fireside. Here you will find tutorials, videos and other helpful information to help you learn the system.

The Fireside team is constructed of previous Hill staffers and understands that no two offices are the same. Though we provide helpful resources and tips on how to use Fireside to the best of its ability, we always recommend asking your intern coordinator or LC about any particular way they may log or send mail in Fireside. This can be anything from logging messages to assigning and logging mail. Should you need help at any point, we recommend using our chat feature at the bottom righthand corner of Fireside. Click the red “Chat with us” button, and ask your question! You can also reach us by phone at (202) 621-5121 or by email at

Good luck, and welcome aboard!