Recommended Intern Settings:

Casework: We understand that interns working with cases are on a case-by-case basis. Should your office intern be handling casework, feel free to reach out for assistance.

Home: These permissions will provide access to the home dashboard and an ability to fully log into Fireside.

Mailroom: With these permissions set, interns will only be able to log and batch correspondence; they will not be able to process and send out mail with this configuration.

Outreach: This will give interns access to our audience builder to create targeted audiences for newsletters and other mailings. If your office wants to give interns access to build and send newsletters, please reach out to Fireside for assistance.

People: These settings will give interns the ability add and find people in Fireside, update constituent records, create people imports, and edit audiences.

Reports: These settings will grant access to Fireside reports, which help your office keep track of constituent correspondence and casework from Fireside. We offer a number of reports that will allow you to view mail turnaround times, mail volume, constituent interests, casework stats, staff productivity, and more.

Settings: These settings will allow interns to log into Fireside, but please note that they will not have full access to the Settings page unless they are an Account Owner for your office (must receive written approval by your Chief of Staff before we can make that change).

Website: These settings will grant access to Files and Photos in Fireside, which can be used on your office’s website or in newsletters. If your office wishes to allow interns to edit website content like press releases, upcoming events, or issue statements, you can check off all other boxes (except for the Web Forms items at the bottom).

The final step in the checklist: Once the new user is created,  make sure to send out the activation email. After completing these steps to set up the account(s), you’ll want to check off “Send account activation email.’ The intern will receive the information  in their email to set up a password and get started in Fireside!


In addition to sharing these settings, we want to take this opportunity to highlight our Help Center and Training Sign-Up, which are both handy resources to have. We highly recommend that they bookmark these pages and watch the on-demand Intro, Inbox, and Mailroom videos or sign up for the corresponding online trainings.


Should you ever have a question that needs an immediate response, you can reach us using our Instant Chat feature at the bottom right-hand corner of your Fireside account screen. Click the red “Chat with us” button, and ask your question! We can also be reached by phone at ‪(202) 621-5121‬ or by email at