Adjusting Account Permissions

Only Account Owners have access to this function. If you need access to or assistance with this function please contact an Account Owner.

Permissions are controlled in Fireside by allowing or disallowing users to access different pages of the system. This is handled on a "per user" basis to provide the greatest control. To learn how to create a new Fireside user (someone with a login), visit this page.

Generally, these permissions are assigned in alignment with the five main application modules in Fireside:

  • Search/Add

  • Mailroom

  • Casework

  • Website

  • Outreach

While in most cases permissions are assigned based on access to these modules, more granular control is available to deactivate any page for a particular user. For instance, you can activate the Mailroom tools but hide the Inbox page.

Assigning Permissions

To change a user’s permissions, go to the person icon in the bottom left hand corner of the navigation and click settings. In the user list, there is a column labeled "Permissions" with an edit link for each user. Find the user you would like to update and click "edit." You will now see a list of checkboxes that correlate to every page of Fireside. Scan the list, check/uncheck the appropriate permissions, and click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page. The staffer whose permissions were just updated must log out and then back in for those changes to take effect.

Read/Write Permissions

At this time, allowing users to see but not change content is not supported in Fireside.