About Automations

Automations are rules that can be created to log inbound mail automatically and completely skip the inbox in the future. Mail can be sent directly to batches and then sent out.

To get started go to Mailroom > Inbox > Settings > Automations on the top right hand corner of the inbox.

The Automations page looks like this:

Automations Page

For your existing automations the page shows:

1. Inbound Criteria: This is the criteria where you can set what criteria inbound mail needs to match in order to trigger the automation. This could be a particular subject line, a particular campaign, or more. More on this below.

2. Action (Template): The name of the logging template used for mail that matches the inbound criteria. Clicking on the name takes you directly to the logging template. More on Logging Templates

3. Processed: A count of the mail that has been processed by each automation. If you click on the count number, that will take you to a list of the mail that has been processed by that automation.

4. Last Used: The date of the most recent piece of mail that was processed by the automation.

5. Active: The status of the automation, either “Active” or “Inactive”.

6. Created: Date the automation was created.

7. Ellipses (…) at the end of each row: Click to reveal a popup window that includes additional information, such as who created the automation and who last updated the automation and when.

8. Status Filter: Use the filter options on the right to show active or inactive automations on the page.

9. Automation Type Filter: Narrow down the list to show only automations of a certain inbound criteria

10. Action button: You can check the box next to an automation or multiple automations and then hit the action button to activate/inactivate the selected automations in bulk.

Other Tips

  • By default, the page displays your active automations, but you can choose the filters on the right to view your inactive automations as well.

  • To activate/inactivate an automation, click on the blue text for the automation under the Inbound Criteria column (See #1). That brings up a popup, and in the top righthand corner, deselect the checkbox for Active to toggle between turning an automation on or off, and then click update.

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