Logging Templates - Manual

Logging templates serve as a shortcut when you are logging in mail that is similar. Logging templates let you store all of the tagging properties, staff, form letter, and batch assignments so you can quickly apply them to other correspondence in the future.

They are most useful when you have a stack of letters, faxes, or emails that are identical (or nearly identical) that will all be logged the same way.

There are two ways logging templates are used: either manually or in conjunction with an automation when they are applied automatically. 

To create a logging template, go to Mailroom > Logging Templates.

From the new template page as shown above, you can fill in all of the same information you would if you were logging a letter. Once you do this, press "Save." Now a new logging template has been created for you to use. 

To use a logging template that has already been created, go to Add > Log a Message and then under 'Template' click that dropdown and select or type the name of the logging template you created.

Once a template has been applied to a piece of correspondence you can further edit the tags (i.e., add additional tags or remove them from that group of letters).