Merging Duplicate Records

If you've just found two different profiles for the same person in your search results, here's how you can merge those profiles into one record:

If you noticed the duplicate profiles elsewhere - like in a batch - you'll first want to pull them up on the same search results page. Navigate to Instant Search, and try searching by name first. If it's a common name and you need to narrow it down further to get them to appear on the same search results page, try adding criteria like city or street address. Once you have all of the profiles listed on the search results page, follow the steps below:

Once you have all of the profiles for this person listed on the search results page, follow the steps below:

1. Check the boxes to the left of the two profiles you'd like to merge.

2. Choose "Merge People" from the Actions dropdown.

3. On the next screen, you'll be asked to select the information you wish to transfer from one profile to the other. If there’s one profile that’s more complete than the other, you may want to select the “Select Data Below” option below the “better” profile. This will keep intact the preferred record and also merge the extraneous record into it. Alternatively, you can opt to keep certain pieces of info from either record by simply clicking the radio button next to the value you wish to keep.

Note: Regardless of which user you select, correspondence, casework, and email history for both profiles will be preserved and merged into a single profile. In addition to address, the other fields in the Profile tab, such as Opt In, VIP, Gender, Deceased, and any custom user fields, like those for surveys, are also determined according to your choice of dominant profile. 

4. Before clicking “Merge,” review your selections to ensure that the info you’ve chosen to save is correct. Since you cannot undo a merge, please review carefully! Once satisfied, click “Merge.” You’ll be prompted once more for confirmation. Select “OK.” This process can take two minutes to complete. Upon completion, you will be automatically directed to the newly merged people record.