Log a Message

You can log different interactions with constituents by clicking on the plus button (+) on the homepage.  For example, you can log inbound communication such as phone calls, walk-ins, faxes, emails, and letters. You can also use this menu to add new people records and import contacts from outside sources.

The plus button is located on the upper-left corner of Fireside, below the search icon. This ensures you can access it from any page in Fireside with one click - so you're ready to log on any page!

Logging mail

Once you're ready to log incoming correspondence or calls, you can go ahead and click the icon and press the ‘log a message’ link to start taking down the message. You can then search for the constituent using the "Search for a Person"  area to the right of the Log a Message area. If the constituent isn't in your people records, you can click on "Add a Person" to create a new contact to log the inbound message under.

The Log a Message feature can be set to a default logging template that will be used any time you're logging mail. This can be most helpful for phone calls. You can also override that with specific options for batch, issues, form letter, and staffer assignment.

By default, the option to "Log a Phone Call" will appear on the top. You can change the type of message you're logging by pressing the arrow button next to the "Log a Phone Call" and selecting the correct type of correspondence. When you're finished, you can press the "Log as ..." button to log your message.

Additionally, if you need to log a message for a date in the past, click the actions button at the top and choose "Set Inbound Creation Date" to add a new field to let you pick the different date. Otherwise it will default to today.