Fields are used to characterize and tag constituents within Fireside. You can see the field values for an individual person by going to their profile then clicking the edit button under 'Profile Summary' in the right hand sidebar. Fields are used to store information uploaded from an import or entered on a survey submission.

Fields can then be used to create audience (which is how you can send targeted emails). Below are instructions to create fields in Fireside.

  1. Go to the person icon in the bottom left hand corner of the navigation > Settings > Fields

  2. Click the blue plus button in the top right hand corner

  3. Give the field a name (no spaces).

  4. Select a field type:
    - Yes/No: data has a yes or no response.
    - Date Time: responses that are a date and time.
    - Email: non-primary email address information (primary email field already exists in your system).
    - Number: responses that are a specific number (1, 45, etc.).
    - Phone: a phone number that is not Home, Business, or Other (these already exist in your system).
    - Multi Select: a response where the constituent can select multiple answers from a list.
    - Single Select: a response where the constituent can only select one answer from a list (true/false, support/oppose, "choose one of the following").
    - Text: open-ended response in which any text can be entered.

  5. Fill in "Displayed Text". If this field will be used on a survey, fill in the survey question. Otherwise, you can repeat the field name.

  6. If this is a Multi Select or Single Select field, add survey responses below by clicking the "Add Another Response" link two times.
    - To fill in what the options are for the Multi Select or Single Select field, click the edit icon button and fill in the "Response Name" and "Response Displayed As..." fields.
    - Click Update.
    - Click "Add Another Response" if you need to add more options.

  7. Click Save when all of your options have been added.