Adding Issue Codes

Issue codes are used to tag form letters, mail, batches and bulk mailings. The issue codes go into more detail than your standard issue pages on your website.

By displaying the issue codes in a hierarchy, you can create subcategory issue codes. These can range from pro and con or just more specific issues. Issue codes can be used for future targeted mailers, as you can create audiences (lists) of constituents based off the issues. 

You can add issue tags at any time if you have permission to do so in the platform. Please follow the instructions below:

Add an Issue Tag

  1. Click the last icon from the bottom in the bottom left corner of your Fireside account, and click "Settings."

  2. Under Fields and Tags, select "Issues."

  3. Click "Add a new issue" in the "Issue Hierarchy" section.

  4. Give the issue a name.

  5. Click "Add."

Moving and Merging

If you click the + next to "Top" this will display the Issue Hierarchy. Within this Issue Hierarchy, you have the option of merging and moving issues. 

To Merge:

  1. Select "Merge" from the dropdown that says "Move."

  2. Drag the issue that you want to merge until it's hovering over the other issue, and then let it go. It may take a few moments for the issues to fully merge. Please don't try to merge other issues until the first merge is finished.

  3. Once the merge finishes, the issue that you dragged will no longer be listed, and all mail previously tagged with that issue will be now tagged with the other merged issue.

To Move:

  1. Select "Move" in the dropdown.

  2. Click and drag the issue to it's desired location.

Creating Subcategory Issue Codes 

Within each issue, you can create "subcategories" that are more specific to that issue. This can be anything from "pro" and "con" tags to more specific issues within the overarching issue.

  1. Create the new subcategory issue code, as explained above.

  2. Then "Move" the new subcategory issue code into the main issue, as explained above.

Publishing Issues on Your Contact Form

After you have added the issues under tagging you will then add it to the section below under "Published Issues."

To publish on the contact form:

  1. Go to Face > System Settings > Contact Form Settings.

  2. Scroll down and add it to the "Issues to Display." 

  3. Search and hit the plus sign to add.