Add a person

Before you add a new person to Fireside, you should first search to check if that person already exists in your database. 

1. Click the search icon on the left, and enter in your search query. If the person you seek cannot be found, click the blue plus button in the top right hand corner of the search flyout.

2. Fill in all of the available contact information in the provided spaces. Once finished, click “Save.” Upon saving, you will be taken to the newly created people record where you can edit more personal information. 


Duplicate Records: On occasion, other people records will exist in your system with the same mailing address. If this occurs, you will still be able to enter your new person. Simply click “Save” a second time, and this action will override the duplicate warning.

Unverified/Incomplete Mailing Address: Should you try to enter an unverified or incomplete mailing address, you will be given a warning that the address cannot be saved. If you are entering a full address, please try entering it again, but this time, select the box next to “Override Address Correction.” You will not be able to enter and save an incomplete address.