Fireside Navigation Menu

Here you will find a legend of each section of Fireside’s menu icons, with a brief description of what information is contained within each section



Dashboard - This is where you will find information containing general office statistics for Mailroom and Casework activity, as well as statistics from recent newsletters or communications that have been published.


People Search - This is the search function within Fireside that will allow you to search for a constituent by First Name, Last Name, mailing address, email address, or phone number. You can also merge duplicate profiles or household profiles found using the search.


Add Menu - This menu option will allow you to Log a Message (i.e., phone call or letter), Start a Case, Import People into Fireside, Add a Person, or Make a Note.


Mailroom - This section that will allow you to “Search” open and closed outbound mail correspondence, view your assigned mail items under “My Mail,” create form letters, view any batches containing mail, create logging templates to process mail as it comes into the inbox, and also view any active or past print jobs (from that day) within the “Print Queue.”


Casework - This section allows you to view any cases that are assigned to each staffer, set casework reminders, view any form letters specific to casework messaging, assign an agency contact to a case, and create casework templates if needed.


Web - This section allows you to create and publish surveys, news items, edit individual pages or sections of the website, add files and photos, and configure certain webforms for use on the site.


Outreach - This section allows you to create audiences based on set criteria, send newsletter messages or bulk mailings, view sent newsletter statistics, and find login info telephone town halls.


Reports - This section will allow you to track and view information regarding casework and mailroom activity, monitor phone calls and walk-ins, view and merge duplicate profiles, and obtain specific advanced reports for each area of casework, people, or mail.


What’s New - This is where you can keep up to date on any feature updates or improvements we have made to Fireside!


Get Help - This is where you can find useful tutorials for specific sections of Fireside, view our contact information, or start a live chat with one of our Client Success Specialists!


System Settings - This is where you can view and manage users, set notifications for casework replies, personalize your own casework or mailroom template, create and manage automations, or view and edit form letter templates (for outbound emails or letters). (P.S. Only Account Owners will be able to see and manage this area.)


Snowman Button - Throughout the system, you will notice this button which serves as an “action” button offering you a variety of options for actions you can take on a given page.